Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Today I opened a pear scented reed diffuser. BLISS

My Old Testament professor presented yet another great lecture

The same proffesor used a black and white striped paper clip instead of a tie tac on his lime green floral tie. Classy.I think that's what I'm gonna start giving people as gifts. Instead of a tie or a nice pin...It's a box of big, multi-colored, stripped paper clips. Only the good ones of course. Do you think Italy imports here?

I realized half way through the day when I was getting ready this morning that I accidentally put my underwear on inside out. hahahaha.

My sister is so silly even in the worst circumstances. I have selected a wonderful image to depict her craziness for today :) I love her. She's fantastic and the best girl you'll ever meet. You should love her too. The end.

The cute old man that practices dancing by himself as he eats his lunch and listens to his mp3 was outside on the plaza this afternoon. I think he was doing the New York Hustle today.

Sometimes when I drive the sun peeks through the trees at suttered rates and hits my face. The other day it was so perfect and sweet that I cried I was so happy.

Last night I was talking to a friend about an incredible song I heard over the weekend that a friend told me was my song. I still don't know what it's called other than that it's by Jack Johnson and it's about his angel. I was so touched she was reminded of me when she heard it. But last night after I was talking to my friend about it we were sitting on the couch listening to Jack Johnson after a bunch of us made pancakes and it came on. It was perfect.

Someone I didn't think liked me brought me their blanket they've had since they were 8 when I fell asleep on the couch and told me they don't let just anyone use it. It was batman print :)- I made a new friend.

I was looking through a copy of "Architectural Digest" and found a picture that had me laughing for about 30 min of an old man that's trying to look sexy. It could be because he's foreign...but i don't think it's an excuse for the pose, tight white pants and stuffed shirt. :) Enjoy!

We discovered what "girth" was and it's many.... colorful contexts. (Please be creative in your thought process, it's hilarious.)

EFY still hasn't gotten back to me about a counseling position, but my friend has heard from them. So this gives me hope that they're starting to actually reply back to people.

I accidentally called my home-teacher, Tanner, my visiting-teacher to a proffesor in the hall after he asked me if I was actaully going to let myself be seen with him. (If you're not sure what that means I essentially called him a woman and that's why it was ok. If you have any questions go ahead and let me know. haha)

That is all for now. More soon :)


sister - My mom

Creepy man- Architectual Digest October 2004