Monday, March 22, 2010


This is it.

There's too many left un-saids and un-knowns.

Just take a breath and take a break and spread our cards for show.

This hand of chance has gotten out of hand and it's time we take control.

These walls will be our downfall.

Image :"House of Cards" by rzuffik

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Under the Wings of Angels.

Im realizing more and more each day how closely I'm being watched over and how much the Lord is watching over me. I've been blessed in so many ways by my my Savior, my family and my friends in ways I can't even begin to properly say thank you for, and yet it still keeps coming. In some ways I feel incredibly unworthy and selfish for it, and at the same time I'm unearthly grateful. There's nothing more that I can do other than say thank you and try my hardest to return the favor in some way or another somehwere down this road of life. I can be responsible and do my best to be the person that would be worthy of those things and keep moving forward with the hopes that one day it will be good enough and do my best to accomplish the things I couldn't on my own before. And I'll do it for the people who helped me get there. So today's the day I'm stepping it up and being the bigger person I should be. I'm gonna be the one responsible enough to make the people who helped me happy that they did and one day I hope I can help them too.

Image - William Adolphe Bouguereau