Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Reaching back into my pockets

It's been a while and I'm really feeling it. It's been TOO long that I've kept the world inside from touching the outside one and I'm about to explode!!! ! So now it flows, and I'm sorry, I can pretty much promise no coherent string of thought. But I will tell you this, I start in review.

Looking back I realize this has been a very full year. So full, infact, I can hardly comprehend most of it and feel as if I'm watching it go by as the days get shorter too.
- I started it an emotional mess.
- I made a mess
- I graduated from the LDS Business College
- I found myself engaged
- I moved
- I found myself broke
- I moved again
- I went to Jamaica
- I planned and executed a wedding in 3 months :)
- I went to the Domincan Republic
- I moved AGAIN!
- I found a job ( goal accomplished from before! Hooray)
- I became a Utah resident
- I live with my best friend
- I have no other friends. haha. Atleast no social life to speak of.
- I realize my love for art and music and want to rekindle them.
- I remembered this is my life and that it should have a little me in it, so I'm going to indulge myself and make it about me again. I mean, I'm aloud a few selfish tendencies, right? Which leads me into my next rant.

....Actually I havn't formed that part yet. I just want to write. I want to pluck a small portion of beauty out of the world around me and put it on paper or in a jar and marvel at it and let it illuminate me from the inside out. I want to appreciate the world again. I want to go on an adventure. I want to go somewhere unexpected and share it with my love and feel like because of it we're a little more aware of eachother and let the world collide with itself. - I want to do something for someone in a way I know it will make them feel good or rise to be more and never know the actual result. I want to escape these brick walls and make it my refuge as opposed to walls to keep me in, where I'm alone half the time. You know what? That's that. Today to inspire I'm going to pull on my craziest shoes and go experience the world until it's time to be responsible and go to work. Today is my chance to go be care free and irresponsible...atleast fort he next half hour :)