Saturday, January 30, 2010

In... more than a few words.

So much has been going on recently. It's kind of like.... I'm watching my life in the form of an hour glass, but my line of vision only covers about a meager inch of it at a time...that inch happens to be the neck of it right now. All I can see in any given moment of present thought is the sand seeping through the tiny hole and rinsing the sides just to settle at the bottom. Problem is, I see it flowing and I start freaking out. Then I remember I can step back, and I do. Then I realize all the sand coming out, at a rate I thought to have been as if lighting fast, was only infinitesimal in contrast to all the sand that was left. But instead of grains of sand falling out I see little dandelions that erupt in little puffs and settle to the bottom of the glass making the mass to appear bigger and more liquid than before....ok, maybe not, but it just kind of came to me as a really interesting mental image just now :) But life really is falling away at a rate I can't exactly measure or determine how to regulate...But it's one of the most beautiful things I can recall experiencing.What has been so beautiful you may ask? Well let me show you a few of those beautiful moments :)

One of my wonderful friends had a ballet audition and

asked if I would take pictures so she could bring them in with her as part of a portfolio. Of course I was thrilled and said I would love to take a few. Well a few turned into about 200 and a small glance into the world of enchantment again. It made me want to fulfill my childhood dream of being a ballerina all over and sparked some inspiration for a painting. Here's my favorite one

Another exciting moment; I was able to go to the Salt Lake temple again for the first time in about two weeks. I know it sounds silly and you're probably asking "Two weeks? That's really not all that long is it?" Well I typically get to go every week and it fills my heart with a calm and a sweet .... sort of light filled...pulse. And when I don't go I feel like my entire week is thrown off kilter and then I need to find stability all over again. So that's made it incredibly bright as well.

Continuing in way of enchanting:
I found a magical little place
with a few other friends a few days ago. It was once upon a time a Cafe used for our school's cafeteria of sorts.They remodeled and added another portion at some point though, and this little wing is no longer inhabited. But I can't for the life of me figure out why! It has black and white marble floors with green marble accents, cherry wood booths, walls and chairs and even the bathroom plaques have an elegant flair with ladies holding parasoles and the men in suites.
There's also a brick patio with scrolled iron patio furniture and tables encircled by a small garden and a swinging fence to match. It's positively the most lovely thing I've found in Salt Lake aside from the Union Station. However, that is for an entirely different purpose.

That happens to be the sanctuary for my soul; where I can release any stress, anxiety, joy or strain. It's where the words that lie in the dark of my spiritual grip make the transition from internal torment to something externally conquerable. They fly out and dance around the room in an unearthly harmony I couldn't create on my own and then kind of fall to pieces all together. The best part is that I get to see it all dissipate and settle while it happens. It's a malady incomparable in its result, but THIS place... it's somewhere I can escape to entirely; physically, mentally as well as emotionally. It's wonderful. I hope everyone can have a place like this

And since we're talkin about escaping to something unworldly I'm gonna toss something else in too :) I saw "Where the Wild Things Are" for the first time last night. I loved it. I've heard mixed reviews, but it was really a work of art in my minds eye. There were so many calculated parallels from Max's life to his world, spiritually parallels, as well as moments that just oozed nostalgia for me. Tender.I had a good conversation with a good fellow about it too.
Best movie analysis/heart to heart/piece of poetry in the form of a movie that I've seen in a long time. I give it a hug instead of two thumbs. Is that ok? haha, It's gonna have to be

I'm afraid aside from all of these other things there isn't a whole lot going on in life right now. Haha I know I said so much was going on, and in small ways they are. At least that's the way it feels. Everything is just happy. The world is mostly good and the sun still shines and the sky is still blue. I'm excited for this weekend. I get to go home for the weekend and road trip it with my roommate and one of my best friends and at the end of the journey I have a timeless friend and my family that will be waiting. This is a perfect time to see my family. There are some things going on at home I just recently found out about and I feel like I need to be there so the family can be a whole for it. Heavenly Father has kind of guided me to it as well and everything is working out perfectly. I'm so thankful for it. I'll let ya know how things go. Till then! All my love and more :) Peace out girl scout.

"Where the Wild Things Are" - not mine. Got it off google.

Salt Lake Temple, Ballet shot, Cafe pictures and all others - Mine

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Unobtainable sun

I've been loving in the shade of a familiar tree. Enjoying the light of stars and day light trickle through the leaves - Just today I stumbled into the sun. I never realized the light shining through the leaves was truly so bright. For hours I lay warming in that sun; feeling the sweet kisses of it's rays,
but receded and cooled

Before I realized it the sun was setting. I reached for it, I grabbed at it, I prayed and pled...But it set. It said goodbye. It said goodbye without an extra second to think about staying. Without considering for another moment that I just might be capable of shining right back, and give light to brighten it's beautiful glow just as strong.

"To love and be loved is to feel the sun from both sides"

Then again, maybe I can't. Maybe I can't make the sun shine any brighter...but I can't go back to the shade of my tree. I'm not capable of going back to the fractured tastes of the sun between wooden bars and thick sheets of leaves. No. All I can do is become a sun myself. Just as high. just as bright... Just enough so I can follow and reflect the light of the sun... Maybe tomorrow... If I can just endure the night

Image (not mine) -
Quote- David Viscott
Poem - Rachel Lake

Thursday, January 21, 2010


I have the words but you wont listen

You wont look up to see eyes glisten

I'm not just an item to fit your bill

I'm not a thing with which your space to fill

You don't know me

And you don't want to see

But here I am, still droppin by

Still hangin on with hopes held high

Tell me how and where to go from here

Say it, shout it, piss me off, but be sincere

I'll breath your words to lift me up

I'll drink it all, that bitter cup

Just say something

Just make me something

I'm tired of guessing.

Poem - Rachel Lake
Image - al-baum (

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Pocket Poetry

Her Pocket

A small silk patch

Stitched to the furthest corner

Of her tender heart

Holding whispered secrets

On sunflower lit afternoons

& tear stained love notes

With love worn folds

Where she keeps her glittering childhood

& half created

Half lived dream creatures

Within herself she thrives

& dances for blind eyes

Waiting for the day

When the stitching in her heart

Dissolves into flesh

& CURES the unseeing eyes

& releases the life

Within her pocket

A small silk patch

Stitched to the furthest corner

Of her tender heart

Poem - Rachel Lake

Image - Drops Meet Dandelion (

Most Recently Me.

Life. Someone once told me it was something to do. The problem was always finding whatever that something was that made me feel like I was shining and really truly alive...and then getting out there and doing it. This last semester has been a huge mile marker for me. I'm heading into my final semester at LDSBC for the Interior Design program, was just released as the 2nd counselor in the Relief Society and am now on the Temple Committee, accomplished some goals, made a few people smile, got my head on a little straighter than before and life feels like it's finally coming together. I feel like I found those things. This last weekend I found a few more things that tied them all together. Or more appropriately I rediscovered something in me I had lost. A few things. I found my words again. I found inspiration again. I sat down a painted for me for the first time in 6 months. I found a smile from my heart again. And it came with a little pain. Because I had to do something to get past the lull I was experiencing and start living again. I'm living again! I finally feel vibrant and thriving and alive again. I don't know when it went away, but I'm glad that it's back. So as I venture out my door, and likely stumble upon some obstacles, I want to keep this unearthly feeling with me. And I'd like to share it. As the words I'm overflowing with come I'll share. I'll place it in this pocket. I hope you'll be able to dip, hide and wiggle your fingers in here too.