Saturday, April 10, 2010


For this summer there are a few things I want to accomplish. Some of them are up to chance, but I want to do them regardless. It's been a long year and while it's been good I've only had small chances here and there to do the things I absolutely love and grow as "Rachel" instead of a student. Being a student has been great, don't get me wrong. The college experience was great. But Now I'm done at LDSBC and I'm defintely wanting a little more me and the people I love....and less book in my life. haha. So here are some of the needs I need to do and some of the things I want to do.

1- Get a job. As much as I don't really care to, it needs to be done. I just want to enjoy it....But that shouldn't be too hard. I enjoy most things. haha

2- Start writing every day. I went back and looked over some of the stuff I wrote when I was in High school and realized that I was a whole lot more eloquent and structured when I was writing even the smallest thing every day. SO whether it's just a journal entry, silly thought or something profound, either in my own minds eye or otherwise, I'm going to start writting again. Tadum!

3- Have a piece of my art on display in a gallery. This one has been a goal for a while, but there has been literally NO time. So this summer I've decided to put time aside every week to go ahead and be creative and draw/paint/sketch/whatever. I WILL have something in a gallery. haha.

4- Be better about my scripture study. I'm making it a priority.

5- Do something outside every week. I miss the sun and being outside. THUS I want to do something even if it's just a pic-nic, rollerblading or a walk. I hope I can do some rockclimbing somewhere in there and camping, but we'll see what resources I have when we come around to that :)

6- Be a stinkin EFY counselor! I applied in February and just got an email yesterday... It wasn't a yes and it wasn't a no. haha. They just basically told be after about two and half months that there has been a delay in the hiring proces...haha yeaaah. Hopefully that still means I'm in the running. I REALLY want to be a counselor. It's one of those "things I want to do before I get married". haha. Who knows when that will be, but I'm still tryin to knock it out of the way before I get there...ok. Maybe I'm a little bit delaying getting there cause it's one of those things I think will help me grow before I get there. haha. BAH! Not entirely! ... This probably sounds so bizarre for any of you that aren't aware of my love life. Ok rewind. I'm currently in the lovely situation of being able to choose. SO! I am choosing to grow a bit...and then move forward if it's still appropriate once I've done some growing...that's all you get! haha

7- Become better organized. In soooo many ways. I need to be better with time, finances.....the state of my room...haha It just all needs to be better. haha.

I guess in essence this is gonna be a summer of just...developing. I'm a little bit excited. Given I will make time to havin fun and playing....under time managing....haha, but it's gonna get done! Hold me to it... I might slip a little, but I'm gonna try.


  1. 8- Go camping with Nick in Colorado :)

    I really enjoy hearing about people's goals. It just makes me happy for some reason. I have total faith in you accomplishing all of these, too. Let's talk soon!

  2. haha I GUESS this can be added to my list of goals :) Most definintely. It's been a talked about trip for about a year now, its gotta happen. haha. And we shall talk! :) How has the rest of your adventure been?